DDCA Architects, A Direct Design Ltd. Company, is a full-service architectural firm serving retail, commercial, industrial, institution and residential clients. Established in 1989, DDCA Architects clients value our innovative designs for new construction, renovation, interior finish-outs and facility expansion.
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Satisfying Project Needs

It is imperative that we work closely with you, throughout the project, to develop the quality designs you expect. And to ensure on-going open communications, we assign a project architect who is available for questions and consultations.

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Continuing Education Gives Our Experts the Edge

We do extensive research and careful reviews of building codes, zoning ordinances, fire and health regulations, and the Americans with Disabilities Act to help us further define design criteria. This and participation in further architectural education puts our staff at the top of their profession.

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Dedicated to Creating a Better Environment

Analyzing building sites, preparing land-use studies, and long-range land development plans are services provided by our land planning experts. We concentrate on analyzing land with respect, efficiency, and economics.

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Creating Facility Plans that Work for You

We consider not only the spatial relationships, but also the aesthetics, structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, and the economics of the building. The details are thoroughly reviewed to achieve the best solution for your needs.

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Representing Your Best Interests

Your Direct Design professional will appear as a witness before zoning boards, planning commissions, and governmental bodies to represent your project and your interests.

Autodesk Revit

Auto-Cad/Revit Technology Means Accuracy and Speed

We generate your construction documents by using the most current release of Autodesk 3D/Revit. With this technology, and a full color ink-jet plotter, we consistently produce accurate drawings within strict deadlines.

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When Design Becomes Reality – Precision Counts

At the project site, we observe building construction and check materials to ensure they comply with the construction documents. We also prepare bid documents, change-orders, punch-lists, and review payout requests.

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